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.....I'm vegetarian-experience for 13 years..))).._




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.....AGNiVO_laboratory: ФАБРИКА МОНСТРОВ..._, Россия

...ведическое КЕЙТЕРИНГ кафе "NAMASTE", Россия


Студия Пиродизайна "АГНИ \ AGNi", Россия



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Noisivvision Atmarama - фото


.....I"m in the ETHNOLiFE festival movement (branch of the Moscow House of Artists) is the founder of many-many-many-many cult-brands: jagannathRU, i-yogaRU, isamuraiRU, vostok-artRU, vedalifeRU & kryshamiraRU \ in the 'Paragram Pictures' art-group \ in the 'SYMBiOZiS' performance-show \ in the designers UV-studio 'SymbiozTheory' \ in the 'WildUpTheatre' (ex-Pag&Arm SpaceOfJoyCommunity-show) from art-GUSLiTSA.. & the 'AGNiVO-show' project's.._ . ...etc.._


.....I just collect good strange music.., I do hand-made stuff of non-food dust-garbage.. & I look at the world from the positive side.., as on a solar beam of a warm light in the most rainy weather or a usual winter icy cold.._ ...Today everyone names himself the super dancer \musician \dj.., every second - is the manager without formation.., every third - is the lawyer.., every fourth and the fifth - are doctors or the mathematicians.. & everyone the million -is the yard cleaner..; here only I am a jobless or constantly working for some strangeman.._

Любимая музыка

.....Infinite labels.., the incomplete list: Cyber Production.., Kompakt.., Six Degrees.., Times Musiс.., Platipus.., FLOW.., Positiva.., Suction.., Playhouse.., Great Stuff.., Вedrock.., Eye Q.., Probe.., Nettwerk.., Klik.., Bpitch Control.., First Impression.., Yo Recuerdo.., Hyperdub.., Еnviron.., Hapna.., Epic.., Sending Orbs.., Mule Musiq.., Force Tracks.., Рunkt Мusic.., Modern Love.., Рlastic Сity.., Studio!K7.., Рlusquam.., Morr Music.., Flux Delux.., Max Ernst.., Мovie Еlectroniх.., Kranky.., .._ ...............Lately the guitar I do not perceive.. It would be desirable to listen only to national tools.., from to-Christian (!!!ancient!!!) Russia... *i'm with individual music preference (noise, .., idm, .., ebm, .., dark-wave,  .., folk-ambient, .., clinical, .., neo-apocaliptical, .., matrial industrial, ..., folkotronica, ..., singer-songwriter, .., medieval-gothic, .., double speed-core, .., light-electro, .., psybient, .., live-acoustic-trance, acid-house.., .., .., etc.._ *vk.com/audios22305099 ...&..*vk.com/photo146709402_277921484 - my old'collection.._

Любимые фильмы

.....An adored movie - FREAKS..; & also some OTHER CINEMA things.. Intellectual + surrealism.._

Любимые тв-шоу

...no such \ none.._

Любимые книги

.....Only authors singing of critical hedonism..; ...Also I constantly study my notes (personal & Diary) book.._

Любимые игры

.....Aerography & Freelance.._